What is Business Law?

This refers to the laws that govern business dealings between people and the commercial matters involved in business transactions.  This includes all of the laws that govern how to start, buy, manage and close or sell a business in the state of Florida.

Specialty Practice Areas

Further, when you’re transferring ownership of large assets, like real estate or a family business, it’s essential to work with an attorney that specializes in specific areas of the law.

Fore more than 25 years, our firm has protected and defended the legal rights of heirs in the process of estate administration. We’ve also seen cases where a rightful heir was denied major assets because they failed to hire a probate attorney. We’ll keep this from happening to you.

If the stock is in his name alone, and your father did not have a trust, then the corporation is subject to probate.

The reason: for the stock to be transferred legally to whomever is designated to inherit it, a representative of the estate must be appointed to transfer ownership of the stock. NOTICE: If our firm is unable to handle your case, The Law Office Of David A. Silverstone, P.A. can refer you to another attorney who handles that particular type of legal matter.

Per Stirpes vs Per Capita Florida

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Investing Generational Wealth

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The most important thing is to obtain positive results for each client at a reasonable cost. We offer affordable and efficient legal representation for all probate matters.


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