Tortious Interference in Florida Probate

Tortious Interference in Florida Probate Tortious interference with regards to inheritance law is one of the most important classifications to keep in your back pocket when enduring a FL probate case. It occurs if one party, by means of coercion, fraud, or underhand methods, circumvents an expected gift or inheritance. In other words, if someone [...]

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Undue Influence and How it Occurs

Understanding Undue Influence and How it Occurs If there is an existing relationship between two people, and one of them uses that as leverage to influence the other’s decisions, then that is considered undue influence. It’s also typical in such scenarios that the party taking advantage is superior in some way. This could be through [...]

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Exploitation of the Elderly

What is Exploitation of the Elderly? I'm sure you've heard of countless examples of poor treatment in retirement homes, but it doesn't stop there. In probate law, we see the exploit of elderly individuals by caretakers or distant relatives when the elderly person is no longer competent. This incompetence leads to the incapacity to make [...]

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