Florida Last Will and Testament Requirements

Florida Last Will & Testament FAQ A will is a vital document that ensures those left behind are saved the trouble of financial hardships and uncertainties. A will prevents endless fighting over assets by outlining the deceased’s final wishes, primarily how he or she would have wanted to distribute their estate if they were still [...]

Spousal Rights in Florida

Analyzing Spousal Rights in Florida Spousal rights in Florida arise in court due to two common scenarios. These are death and divorce. We’ll delve into each case to uncover what rights a divorced, or surviving spouse is entitled to according to Florida state laws. Divorce Spousal Rights Florida courts do not take into account a [...]

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Probate for Resident Aliens

A Look into Florida Probate for Resident Aliens Irrespective of the location of a person or his immigration status, he can legally own property in the state of Florida. If he is the owner of a property in Florida at his time of death, it is a prerequisite that the property needs to go through [...]

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