Civil Litigation

  • Debt Collection

    When businesses are not paid money they are owed, and all other remedies have been exhausted, they can file a lawsuit to collect the debt. It is, once a judgment is obtained, to enforce those debts by garnishing bank accounts, and executing on assets, such as real and personal property. Collection can even be had against the estate of a deceased person. Judgments, once properly recorded in the public records, act as a lien on real and personal property for up to 20 years. An experienced attorney can resolve a collection case through negotiation, or, when necessary litigation, and can utilize all lawful methods to collect on that judgment.

  • Commercial Litigation

    A commercial litigation attorney helps with many business issues that business owners are involved in.
    When businesses start up, the people involved work together, and share common goals. During the subsequent ups or downs of the business, partners or shareholders get into disputes.They get into disputes as to whether the other is contributing to the business.They may dispute who owns what part of the business.

    They may have disputes as to whether or not to sell the business. The dispute may be with the person who sold them the business.

    Generally, these type of disputes are governed by the written contract documents between the parties, and upon Florida’s corporations statute and other statutory law. An experienced commercial litigation attorney can help resolve these disputes, either through negotiation, litigation or some combination of both.

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