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Real Estate Closings

  • Contract Drafting and Review

    In any real estate transaction large or small, an attorney should review the contract, before signing. Much real estate litigation is the result of a contract which does not truly represent the understanding of both parties. An attorney should make sure contracts are properly drafted, and that potential problems and contingencies are addressed from the beginning.

  • Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance

    A real estate closing is where the final settlement occurs between buyer, seller, and, usually the lender. There is much that needs to be accomplished in the period leading up to a closing. These include:

    • Lien Searches
    • Correcting Title Defects
    • Obtaining Payoffs
    • Preparing a Title Insurance Binder
    • Preparing a Closing Statement

Attorney David A. Silverstone has 14 years of experience with Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance, and is familiar with every phase of real estate closing practice. He is an agent of Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund, Inc., and has closed transactions for all major lenders in the State of Florida for both residential and commercial properties.

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